Fintos Electric Cars has expressed their desire to become a global car manufacturer ahead of the late-2018/early-2019 release of their first electric car in Ireland.

CEO of Fintos Electric Cars Tom Finnegan said that the long-term goal of the company was to become a car manufacturer across the world, with a focus on the United States of America and Scandinavia in an exclusive interview.

“Ireland has a very small market […] Our car, I think, is appealed to people all over the world with a little bit of money […] Particularly in the US, California, and also we have had interest in northern European countries; Sweden, Norway, Denmark” Finnegan said.

Finnegan went on to discuss the plans for the future of Fintos Electric Cars as a car manufacturer:

Fintos Electric Cars will be releasing their first eco-friendly car in Ireland, the Alex Eroadster, in late-2018/early-2019.

Sales of electric cars in Ireland fell by 12.07% in 2016, with just 415 sold compared to 472 in 2015. However, Finnegan remained optimistic that the Eroadster would be able to sell.

“Without even trying so far on sales, we already have 4 deposits paid on the car so we know that we can sell the small amount we need to sell to make it profitable.” Finnegan said.

“We already have markets or dealers lined up in the US and in Australia as well. As well as in Europe which we haven’t been bothered at this stage […] but we know that we can get dealers all over the world for this car.”

When asked about competing with other mainstream brands such as Citroen, Nissan and Tesla, Finnegan said that Fintos Electric Cars would not be looking to engage the other manufacturers in competition:

“We don’t really aim to compete with them. It’s kind of a different product totally, we think, and it sits in its own little gap in the market”.

The Alex Eroadster, which has been in development for 3 years, will be a two-seater performance vehicle, approximately one-third lighter than a lot of other eco-friendly cars on the market.

However, Finnegan admitted that, much like other electric cars by brands such as Nissan and Tesla, the Eroadster would not be cheap:

“It is going to be quite expensive […] It’s going to be in excess of €60,000 when it goes on sale.”

Fintos Electric Cars are currently working on designing prototypes for the Alex Eroadster and the prototypes are expected to be finished in May of 2018.